Cruella De Gaga?

Gaga talks about how fur is something beutiful to her, and how people should respect her thoughts about wearing it. Because she respects us who thinks it horrible. Well, she talks about compassion? Always compassion! Wtf is that for sort of compassion she is talking about? Compassion only for humans? Just so she can look expensive and fashionable animals have to suffer, is that compassion? I like Gaga, but this is fucking brutal and wrong. I could respect or at least try not to care about her opinion about fur, if she wouldnt talk so much about compassion when she herself shows different. Dont say something just to sound great, thats so wrong and stupid. So she just falls more and more in my eyes. Without compassion for the rest of the world like animals and plants, well, everything living, this world wouldnt last so long. Fuck your compassion, come back when youve learned the true meaning of that word...
Sorry, blev så jävla trött på detta. Är så grymt besviken. Pallar inte folk som säger en sak och sen skiter totalt i det, not cool. Jag bryr mig inte om alla super-mega-fans hatar mig nu, jag är besviken som in i på hur konstigt allt börjar bli. Och det stör mig då jag tyckte så mycket om henne innan. Men men, tänker inte dissa helt för detta, men inte försöka va nått super-fan som jag var innan. Never.


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