Friends forever

I know that some people are just meant to stay right here in my heart. Even if they dont stay by my side forever, even if we lose the times to talk and share everything and nothing I belive they will always be in my heart and I wont cry if they leave me, I wont be hurt, because I know even if they walk away with maybe anger, sadness or some kind of harm that was made in our friendship I will always be a part of their life, a time of mixed feelings in their life.
I have a problem leaving past behind and sometimes it makes my whole word fall apart it takes a place on my shoulders so I can feel the weight of it all pushing me down but belive me its not their faulth its all my own. I just dont know how to end it, how to let it be a memory, if I loved I have a problem letting myself love the memories, I love the memories but I dont want it to end. But really nothing ends because it will always be a part in my heart, taking a place somewhere in my head resting, remind me sometimes and when it does I should just let it be memories. And love them.
Even if the road got split in two and you choose the one I cant take, I know we will pass each other by someday, and I will carry my memories in my bag and I wont look at them to find you again, I will look at them to remind me of all that happened. We may not on the same road forever, but I know Im still in those peoples heart and they will stay in mine forever. Some people will look like a true friend or like the true love and then it all will just fade away hardly leaving a memory. Those people I cant say much about. But some people, and most of them you didnt even thought would be such a big part of your life, will stay there, maybe stay right by your side forever or just stay as the sweet memory it should be. You do not have to take all of the people you loved with you, cause the road will split in so many different roads and you wont be able to take everyone with you. I wish I could. I wish I could make more and more memories every single day of my life with those I loved. But I cant. Its my second problem. When I meet a new friend Im so afraid loosing them, and you often do. Some stay but some just fade away leaving a big mark in your heart and head. I must try to understand all this, not just know it, really understand it so I can take it. I wont cry, I wont be hurt. I wont. But I will remember.


2014-05-21 @ 23:11:30

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