Deep sea

When I hear the songs I think of my past and future, when I see the pictures I feel the emotions from now and then. I am standing on a cliff ready to jump into the sea of a new world. But its so high and Im so afraid, its cold here and I dont know if its like ice down there. So much chasing me here and will soon catch me but if I jump will there be worse creatures down there? Is it just me or is that light from below shining very bright, maybe brighter than the sun now hiding in the clouds refusing to warm me in this terrible nightmare? I wish I could see clear down into these waters, I wish I could know if the water is hiding something better or something worse. If I dont deside soon I will be taken back into the deep, dark forest and the sun will not be able to shine on me it never really fully shine for me. I know that the sun is beautiful, the sun is warm and its shining so bright there behind the dark clouds. But Ive been waiting so long. Its getting colder. Theyre getting closer. Will I jump?



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