Hello, I decided to go for a disney princess makeover week, starting with Snow White today, december 21, ending with ?, december 27. If you want me to make a special disney princess makeover just comment here or on my instagram, @tellingfaerietales.
So, here is my tutorial for this weeks first princess: Snow White <3
So I made the dress myself a few weeks ago, and when I've been wearing it a lot of people have actually called me Snow White so I thought this would be the perfect outfit for todays princess!
Lets start with the hair, I made my hair after a video on youtube made by missbutterflydaisy; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCpEIWstDG8
So just make your hair after this video like I did, or style your wig like this on very low heat.
I've got longer hair than her, but it works anyway. And for this princess I already had the right haircolour but for other princesses I will use wigs. Ofcourse you can make this look without having black hair but its more obvious that it is Snow White youre going for if you have darker hair.
Next, the makeup. I used a fatbased white theatre makeup cream as a base on my skin. I dont have the light, porcelain skin like Snow White, Im more an olive skin type so if you want the light skin like I made, use a white theatre cream instead of foundation.
So you wont be applying it too thick, so you go clownish. Just a thin layer!
After this I used a powder that it like, three shades lighter than my own skintone, and this will make you look pale, not like youre wearing halloween makeup.
Use a deep, red lipstick on your lips.
For the eyes, I went for the winged eyeliner, oh I will make better tutorials with videos/pictures later, sorry!
Put on mascara on your upper lashes and just a little on the lower. Apply a pair of false lashes (not too long!) and well, then youre done!
Oh, and I used a pair of pearl earings for my ears and a dark purple ribbon in my hair.
So this is a fast tutorial how I achieved this look! Hope you like it!
/ Malin


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