This is just a story about nothing, really nothing at all. Well, some of it may be something, but really, its nothing.
And it starts with a fire, a fire that was burning so intense and shining so bright. Like the stars, you could see it from lightyears away. But the fire didnt know that rain is a part of nature, a part of life. The fire thought it was immortal and that its soul had some kind of destiny to follow, something important to do for a change of something but it didnt really know what or why just that there was more than just glowing and showing its will and flames. So the fire died, almost. It was so tired, so sleepy. The rain is nature, the rain is life. And the fire learned after many thoughts of suffering, the lesson it was meant to learn. Its nothing, really nothing. Im nothing without everything else. Everything that made me come so far before, everyone that light me up before. Im nothing, the fire said. But with these words it, as meant to be, it was awaken by a kiss from love, a kiss from the sun, the stars the hearts of everyone that saw that there was more than that shine the shine came from the inside and it was now burning, more intense than ever. The fire could never harm you and it never would. Its a paradise out there, a broken paradise and it will always be. Let the broken souls walk together, blind in a paradise that they can feel but never see. Its my broken paradise and I will love you all for awaken me, you light me up when I was down.
And do never fear the rain, its a part of nature a part of life you will rise again and more alive everytime. I know so.


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