the word is crazy

Crazy, thats how I feel. Its a long story, too long to tell. Its not a comedy, its not even close. Could never be horror and never be fantasy until you went into my head. If you find a girl with black long hair, mascara running down her cheek, grey eyes and a pretty weddingdress thats me trying to marry my most ugly and beautiful inner thoughts. CRAZY. I tell you. Its the way I feel. Shaking, wishing and dreaming myself away. Cry for me laugh at me do whatever you want to or just leave me alone. Im a princess thats right in a kingdom of fear with my burning heart. Those words mean nothing, nothing at all but stupid thin legs walking on a confusing road. I become a monster when Im alone too long, thats what I know for sure. Its the only thing I know for sure. I felt happy when I saw my hands moving over the picture until I realized that it was not even close. Never happy, no delight. I have people around me keeping me sane, but I know I walked too close to the edge today. Im no good, Im no princess, yeah, I lied. Im still just the little girl no one likes, no one understands. Im nothing special, I know many been through worse. I walk my road hoping someone will tell me Im a great girl, I make stunning art and that its okay to be a little bit crazy.
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