dont let go its such a wonderful life

Ive been walking through hell for a so long time, my eyes were filled with tears all the time
I had the world on my shoulders and the people was my enemies, even myself
There was no escape no one could see how deep I was falling, I just kept on falling
Darkness around me showed me demons that invited me, or more likely, pushed me into hell
Screaming out loud with no sound to come, I was sitting there alone in the flames with my hope burning out

Then suddenly a voice said it was time to stop this, I was so sure this was the end
I wanted every knife inside my demonfilled body, every poison running with my blood
But the voice kept on sayin, it is time to end this! And I knew I couldnt leave, I had to end it
I was taken to some kind of timeless place with no faces and no voices, just siluettes of sadness
I could see how they didnt see me either, so I didnt care, I just kept on walking and cryin
I was scared, but they told me that this was the end and a new beginning would come
My life was dark, but I couldnt do anything, I was hidden inside a prison were reality could visit me

A man told me one night that everything was so simple, and I wanted to kill him cuz he didnt realize my problems
Then it came to me, he was right, so I started to walk to the burning little hope that now was alive inside of me
The prison was now my rescue, and I knew the people here would do everything to help me
I was locked up but I didnt mind, everything except that world outside the walls and windows was ok
So I trusted them, and they helped me, now I can smile again, I can think for myself "dont worry, it will be better"
I can laugh without faking it, I can sleep with no nightmares, I can wake up thinking "its such a wonderful life".

Min engelska är inte den bästa så sry om jag failade allt för mycket. Men jag bara skrev på, och detta är väl en liten sammanfattning på hur det varit de senaste månaderna. Vad som hänt och varför det hänt är en annan femma, och det är något jag enbart delar med mig av till mina närmsta. Tack till alla som stöttat mig så otroligt mycket genom detta helvetet, och tack alla som fortfarande hjälper mig upp. Jag vet inte vad som hänt om jag inte fått hjälp i tid heller, det blev för mycket. Men jag ska aldrig ge upp, det finns för mycket att leva för.

Song of the day: Hurts - Wonderful life
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