Learning to live

Ive gotta go to another place, gotta go chasing my dreams
and Ive gotta get out from my lonely days, gotta find someone
Ive been trying to find myself to hide myself, trying to understand myself
but when I thought I knew it all then it appeared to me, Im just acting in life

Those stupid days, even weeks and months, they all seemed like the end
I thought "well now Ive went crazy" and then I thought I was well just to fall again
I was closed up in a tower, talking to strangers outside the room
they told me I was too young to be insane and I shook my head and just walked away
but then I picked myself up in that lonely room thinking "now is the time to let it go"
for wrong reasons I was free once more, free from the walls but not from my thoughts

Then in the darkness I found a girl, loved her like a sister
we shared our lives like you share it with your dairy, thinking "is it wrong to be wrong?"
the night and the bad kids drove us into wild life, told us to let our souls be free to do whatever
so we let it all go, even real life itself, lived a nightmare we thought was a dream

In the next year, the beginning, I saw him at the bar
he drank beer beside an old man that I liked to call my friend
I said hello to my "friend" and he asked the man to buy me another beer
I had not been respecting anyone for a long time but I couldnt be rude to him, he looked like such a nice pure guy
and after a chat he bought me that beer, and after that day, well, thats when my life started to change

I love him forever even more for every day, how a man can stand to be with me
its a miracle, and its my man!
Now, from being a crazy, insecure nightloving girl, Ive found love and respect and I think I even found myself.


du är så vacker! Saknar dina inlägg :( Kan du inte blogga lite mer? Typ mer om din vardag och kläder? Puss!

2012-08-04 @ 21:30:53

såg kommentaren först nu, så roligt att någon gillar skräpet jag skriver xD min vardag är inte så intressant tbh, vet inte om jag klarar det där riktiga bloggandet gillar mer min öppna dagboks stil-blogg då :p men ska se, kanske kan göra något mer! absolut! tack för kommentaren blev asglad hah!

2012-08-28 @ 01:19:08

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