how a bad girl is born

He sneaks out at night lookin for new flesh. Something fresh to bite in, something to feed him, to make him loose his hunger, for a while at least. Then he walks home lookin for something real. Thats what Im for, but just for the world outside to see. Im just the happy doll, he pulls the strings, and underneath my smile theres hidden tears bursting out in the middle of the night. Thats why Im not that good girl anymore, he stole my heart just to torn it apart. Thats why I never could stand beside anyone, cause I know he'll be leaving someday for something new. I was just a puppet, but its over now. At least I have my dreams and the hope left inside. It wont be easy to open up the love again of mine, someday I will, but it wont be that easy ever again. Cause Im not a fucking puppet anymore.



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