changed but still just a silly little girl

You told me how much you wanted me, I ignored you. You told me you wanted to see me sometime, just you and me, and I just ignored you. Then I met you, and you seemed to be a pretty nice guy after all. So I decided to meet you, just you and me alone. I was so afraid to let you in, so I kept the distance for a while. Then something strange happened, you started to ignore me. You told me you didnt want me so much more. And I couldnt ignore you anymore. Fuck, always the same, and its crappy, because were exact the same. When youve got what you wanted, you dont want it anymore.. I wish I was the one who falled first, then I wouldnt have to think anymore about you, as I suppose you dont think anymore about me now..
I know, I know.. I did wrong, I was an idiot, how could I? I didnt know what I was about to loose, but Im afraid that Ive already had lost it, long before my misstake..
Oh mister, what have you done to me? I was perfectly fine before you, there was no one, no one could enter my emotions, but somehow, in some way you pushed on my buttons. You turned on my feelings, you stole my solitude, my everything, my misery.. I could be movin on with my lonely days without feeling hurt, keep drikin out and forgett myself every night and dont give a damn next day.. its all gone. That reckless me is gone. I still hate so much, theres so much hate in me, and so much love that want to break free. But I wont let it out, Im too afraid to fall again..

At least I can tell myself that I got some great moments with you, I was never in love for real, but I was truly close, you are beautiful and you are a great person, whatever anyone else says, whatever you say.. youre  wonderful..



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