14 feb

I remember you when I think of that date, and I remember him too. Why is it that its always one day that all this pain explode in your chest? I can see that day already, how it will be. There will be so many pretty girls, putting on their makeup as usual, fix their hair as always, put on some nice clothes so maybe someone will notice them. We all do it. Trying to get someones attention. But on that day, I think I wont put on my makeup, I wont fix my hair and I wont put on those nice clothes.. I want to stay home, inside my room and look at movies with no love. Like, horror and stuff like that.

Dear wonderful girls, sitting alone on valentines day with your Ben & Jerry's in one hand and the spoon in the other one, dont feel like your the last one who doesnt got anyone. We have ALL been there! Its not a day to be blue just because you havent found your love, this day doesnt exist to make you feel bad if you dont have someone to love. Its about to celebrate love, and we will all get there.. And, when I think more about it, I think I the best day, actually, would be to spend the day with someone you love. Like friends or maybe family. Remember when we were little girls sitting in the classroom makin valentine-cards for our parents and brothers and sisters? Lets step back to that, and celebrate what weve got, and not cry for what we dont got.. yet.

Kisses and hugs and happy valentines day (soooooooon)



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