true story

She was blinded by love, hidden in hate, she walked alone with a heart full of nostalgia.
He camed as a prince, like a stereotype from her dreams, from her paintings and drawings.
With fear she tried to reach him, to touch his heart and win his love.
He embraced her like sunshine, he was warm like a sun and she never felt good enough for him.
Though he told her all the things she wanted to hear she couldnt let it go, she was just not good enough.
Trying to keep away her pain from him, smiled when she saw him, cried when he was not around.
She was lost in insanity, feeling like nothing could save her, not even her love.
When she at last told him and help was found, she couldnt stand the fear of getting back to her nightmare.
She became a monster and her love had to leave her.
She kept living like nothing matter she didnt care for herself anymore, she never heard from him.
Thought she had forgotten him, thought she was in love again, one day it came up to her.
She had lost the one that cared for her, just the way she used to be, when she was herself.
She lost her heart, her love.


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