stupid boy

If you tell me you love me once more I will punch you. If you tell me you want to kiss me again I will kill you.
Dont try to play games boy, Ive heard it all, and you know what? I dont give a damn shit. I was prepared, within less than four months Ive been sorta brokenhearted by two boys, and then you came. Thinkin that maybe you could play with this girls heart, have a little fun? No way sir, no way...
Everyone told me you were a bad boy, all I could see was a beautiful disaster, and I wanted to help you, to help you get out of all the trouble. But after every moment spent with you I felt something. Youre just another liar.

Sooo, now Im not gonna open up myself so easily for what I think may be true. I dont want games, Im ready for love, I dont need it fast I just need someone that truly gives us a chance. Someone not lookin for a good time, someone lookin for love.



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