love tragedy

My beautiful love,
you have a smile that brings the spring, eyes like sparklin snow, a voice like summerrain, you warm me up in the lonely, cold autumn nights. Youre a liar, when you say youre not beautiful, youre a fool, when you tell me youre not worth me. Darling, oh my wonderful princess, I see it all. You, me, forever hand in hand, Ill kiss you every night every morning, Ill never leave you. I could be in another country, thousands of miles from where you stand. Still, I would find you, follow you and then forever hold on to your hand. Your my truth, destiny and light. No one could ever shine so bright. Im here, whatever happens Im always here, my beautiful love.

And with tears in her eyes, she ripped the letter in to pieces, as he did with her heart. Then she fall into sleep, forever, was it worth it after all? Without a heart how can I make art, she said to herself, walkin through the cold nights, the summerrain, all alone with no light. Oh, she would never shine again.



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