My hidden paradise - I dont need diamonds, I just need...

I want to travel, away from everything with everyone that I love. I wish there was another world where the heaven was filled with stars all the time, it would always be night with a sweet pink and purple light. The grass would be blue and the sea red as blood, white roses and blue forgetmenot would grow everywhere. It would always be a scent of vanilla and the moon would always shine bigger than ever. I could ride beautiful golden and silver horses through a shining forest with my firends, we could swim in the lake where mermaids welcomed us. Somtimes a lightning or two would hit us and not harm us just fill us with new energy to always stay awake. We would never miss a single second of those wonderful days in this beautiful paradise. Call me crazy, cuz I am. But my mind isnt in this world sometimes. Most of the time actually, Im nowhere. Im just stuck on a rollercoaster.

Bilden ovan är tagen av Olivia Burducea.


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